Zhou Tao: Blue and Red

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stills from Blue and Red (2014), Single channel HDV, with sound, 24’15″


Zhou Tao
Blue and Red (2014)
HDV, 16:9, colour, with sound 24min15sec

The investigations of the project mostly focusing on the public squares in the city centers of both Guangzhou and Bangkok, as well as a heavy metal mine and rural village which situate in the mountain valley of southern China.

Bathing in the color spectrum, people in the square are stained with the blue ray refract- ed from nowhere; camping temp groups on the anonymous streets, acidic bright cadmium orange lake surface…all in all with a scent of “epidermal touch”.

Limbs grow and penetrate through the public squares, as close as flesh and blood, the skins attached with the earth crust – he twisted himself against the backdrop of the reali-ty; his hair and the flayed skin, just as vivid and lively as they could be.

– Zhou Tao, 2014

Zhou Tao: Green Sun, Solo show at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand
Date : 06 June – 29 June 2014
Location: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand
by Zhou Tao, the first Han Nefkens – BACC Award for Contemporary Art # 1
by BACC Arts Network Department, Bangkok Art and Culture and Han Nefkens Foundation
Opening reception on Thursday 5th June 2014, 14.00 hrs.
- See more at: http://en.bacc.or.th/event/Art-Exhibition-Green-Sun.html