Zheng Guogu: Spirits Linger with Dust

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2012 郑国谷只有精神还未离尘-posters
For Zheng Guogu, there are many ways to explore the various spectrum of life, all of which are pertinent to the local context of a specific space and a specific moment in time,, which is precisely about how humans react to different circumstances by going with the flow. These practices can also be seen as a kind of investigative method of infiltrating space, body and soul, becoming almost interconnected with homeopathic healing. Spirits Linger with Dust attempts to unfold and expand the multiple dimensions of space and life as well as the in-between journey, thus reflecting on today’s illusory inter-changing dynamics between oneself and one’s immediate surroundings.

Traveling through these spaces as one wishes and breaking through the illusions of our time, is precisely what Zheng Guogu’s meditative practices are about in his creation.