Untitled: A Letter to the Wanderer (2019 Spring)

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Untitled: A Letter to the Wanderer 
(2019 Spring)

Dear friends:

How are you?

The weather switches frequently between cloudy, rain and sunshine, moisturizing the land in silence. Spring is answering every need for growth.

I recall Gustav’s Wing from 2012. Danh Vo’s photo captured his nephew’s figure from the back. Still a child back then, his scapula swelled on his back, like a pair of angel’s wings; now, the Gustav appeared in front of us carries himself with ease and confidence, quite accomplished and seems to be a young man who has matured through stormy rains.

In the transformations of the Mirrored Gardens, Danh is bringing us with an “Untitled (2019)” space, a space grown out of anything the artist has chanced upon or anything that has found its way to the artist. “To put all these together…that’s the only thing I basically can do, but I have to trust it because that’s my life.” (Danh Vo, 2018) In the “untitled” space, Danh’s father’s handwritten script “SUUM CUIQUE” hints at the complex transitions of the western spirit of the law; the return of Gustav is his transformation into a liberated young man capable of independent thinking; the seemingly impossible impasse between the painting teacher and the student is put aside; and the modern designs that have been dedicated to the improvement of society since the Bauhaus have become part of the constructions of individual and public spaces through variations. All these different dimensions of areas and relations interweave, through the longitudes and latitudes knitted by life, coexist in a space that can continue to communicate and become the forces that will shape the happenings of future and feedback into the unpredictable trajectory of life.

We’d like to invite friends into the Michele Ciacciofera: The Translucent Skin of The Present in the Permagate Space. The “Perma” in “Permagate” comes from “permaculture”, we hope that in this space we can talk more about the humble technics in the practices of life and the circulation of values from cultural study.

During this journey, Koki Tanaka’s Precarious Tasks and Impossible Project will always be with us, while the proposal from the Impossible Project will make us reflect and think again and again.

Between words and actions – how are they going to bring about a “Visionary World in a Changing State of Mind?”

Hope we will see each other and converse during our wanders at the Mirrored Gardens.

Hope all is well!

— Mirrored Gardens


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Danh Vo: Untitled
“Borrowed Scenery” of Danh Vo

Opening Date: April 28th, 2019

图1 傅丹-Untitled 图2 傅丹-Untitled 图3 傅丹-Untitled 图4 傅丹-Untitled 图5 借景傅丹 图6 借景傅丹图7 田中功起-不确定任务 图9 郑国谷-心能转境 图8 郑国谷-心能转境Mirrored Gardens Views 

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Danh Vo: Untitled, 2019

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Zheng Guogu: Visionary World in a Changing State of Mind

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Borrowed Scenery of Danh Vo #1
Koki Tanaka: Impossible Project

Permagate Space 2019 edition No.1:
Michele Ciacciofera: The Translucent Skin of The Present


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