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Daily Open Hours:
13:00 – 19:00 ( Monday to Saturday)

B1-1503, Building 15, Jianwai SOHO
39 East 3rd-Ring Rd.,Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100022, China

You push open the door and enter this space. Perhaps you may hear some strange high-frequency sounds. Perhaps you may be perplexed as you stare at the transformer plug on the floor, and as you move around it, you notice the stethoscope placed on a chair; you hear a dizzying sound vibrating by the window:
I have learnt how
to grasp the air tightly, and lose consciousness forever
before I get old
Through the dialogues of independent perceptive individuals, this space will evoke a common area which we have preserved from our experiences:
A Chinese popular song from the 1990s,
Daily sounds: politics, entertainment and encouragement,
Some sort of “beauty”:
The sound of a crowd, the sound of our internal organs, the sound of growing up;
The sound of dialogue:
The song of Xiao He,
The poetry of Yan Jun…



The sound theatre ” xū, dolphin” is the result of discussions between the sound artist,poet Yan Jun ,the musician, singer Xiao He and the writer Hu Fang in the context of the shop, and this sort of discourse and practice continues today. As this kind of periods of exploration are in progress, we have developed a basic form of the “sound theatre” for the moment: within the narration of sound and the performance of sound, a space will be transformed into a sound theatre.
Simply put, in ” xū, dolphin” , we imagine being in a sonic space, and we ask how people can search and find out their precise location via sound (just like how dolphins do). From here, we investigate how each of us use our imagination to map out the relationships between these sounds, in a bid to form the narrative of every single person.

Like a “sound movie”, people will be able to sense time which has past and which is to come, the moment of life, the moment now; they can become sensitive to this present moment.
Because of certain responses, sounds interact and mutually rehearse with one another, and within that consciousness, they come to an agreement.
There’s a need for expression there.

the shop has been transformed into sound theatre ” xū, dolphin ” from now on till july,2010. You can enter and explore this sound theatre anytime during the shop’s regular opening hours.

Notice: Please adjust your mobile ring as loud as possible when you enter into the sound theatre.

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