Species of Space, Vitamin at Art Basel 40

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Spaces have multiplied, been broken up ad have diversified… To live is to pass from one space to another, while doing your very best not to bump yourself.

- Georges Perec

You walk through a thick forest or a mountain range. At the end of the road, there are two diverging paths: on the left is a space that pertains to the “first life”; on the right is a world that deals with the “second life”.

The construction of this space by Vitamin Creative Space is based on the parallel words of 6 Chinese artists:

Zheng Guogu’s “Age of Empires” (installation) serves as the channel linking the first and second lives; Pak Sheung Chuen, Duan Jianyu,Zhou Tao and Chu Yun’s works form the poetics of the minutiae of daily life within the space of the “first life”; Cao Fei’s on going project RMB City takes on the role of the window through which we can observe the “second life”.

Each of these artistic creations embodying vastly different concepts becomes a unique space of its own. Yet they all reveal a certain poetry of daily life and our grasp of this quotidien poetics.

It gives us a glimpse of different roads of life as well as the possible spaces  that are expanded via artistic creation.