Pak Sheung Chuen: All (Days) All (Nights)

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Between 2003 and 2005, I created a series of art works for Ming Pao Hong Kong about newspapers and life in Hong Kong; thus began my cooperation with the media.  Art works created for media have a very distinct perspective, i.e. there is only one side (the newspaper picture or the TV screen) facing the audience. The activities involved were only the ones concerning the brain and the eyes, and were irrelevant to both the body and the site. My readers might always have thought I would be someone highly systematic and analytical, but I am actually quite sloppy, in my life, my everyday living, and my work.  
All Days All Nights is my creation project in Vitamin Creative Space Guangzhou. The exhibition shows my recent work as well as a number that will be created live on the Guangzhou exhibition site. What is in the exhibition will not only be the “work” but also the “creation process”. I always believe that process is the most important part. It includes thinking, mental changes, physical conditions, responses to the situation… it is sloppy, but feels more authentic and amiable. The creation period will last until the morning of 17th January 2009. The exhibition is open to the public all the while.  


Exhibition: 17 Jan (15:00 opening) to 31 Mar 2009
Open Hours: Mon-Sat (11:00-18:00)
Creation Period: 17 December 2008 – 17 January 2009
Two hours open to the pubic during the creation period: 16:00-18:00
Lecture and Symposium (Part 1): 16:00-17:00, 17 Jan 2009
Lecture and Symposium (Part 2) / Party: 16:00-18:00, 28 Feb 2009 Half Conversation
Public Dialogue between Pak Sheung Chuen and Hu Fang
Parentheses consist of one on the left ( and one on the right ) ; they only become whole as a pair. When two persons wear the Parentheses T-shirts simultaneously, they can contain all the persons or items in between them. Visually, parentheses appear to be two crescent moons. In Chinese, the character for moon is “月”, one positive ) and one negative ( . By that same logic, )) means a friend, because in Chinese the character for friend is “朋”, which visually is a double of the character for moon. So ))) indicates many friends. This is a conceptual framework that I have in my mind since a few years ago.–Pak Sheung Chuen  About “( ” “)”, Parentheses T-shirts
Time: 4:00 PM   28th Feb 2009

Location: Vitamin Creative Space,
Room 301, 29 Hao, Hengyijie, Chigangxilu Guangzhou, 510300, China