Koki Tanaka: Precarious Tasks

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Precarious Tasks: A Letter to the Wanderer No.1

Dear friends:

How’s it going?

From this winter on, we began our conversations around Koki Tanaka’s Precarious Tasks, and we’ve been trying to understand the following questions since the very beginning: what do these Precarious Tasks that have been continually unfolding since 2012 along with the disasters experienced by the mankind mean to our daily experiences? While these Precarious Tasks are being carried out at various places like Tokyo, Yokohama, Rotterdam, London, Eindhoven, Berlin and Hong Kong, what’s the relationship between these happenings and those who are not present when they took place?

We started our “gatherings” like the ones that took place in Precarious Tasks. We gathered together to read and translate the artist’s notes by Koki Tanaka, while collective translations and discussions are deepening the moments evoked in one’s own experiences and continuously overlapping and blending into the moments captured in photographs from the Precarious Tasks.

We are pondering why would Koki Tanaka walk again the roads one year after his friends had walked at the night after the earthquake? Why talk about his name while gathering to share emergency food together? Why read out in a city all its citizens’ names? Why look at the view of the city together in a room that is at close altitude of a tsunami’s waves? Why walk the streets together at night while swinging a flash light? If we have to stay together for 24 hours, how will we get along? By questioning the Precarious Tasks and the fissions and coincidences in our experiences, we are imagining if we can feel empathy for the situations of the humankind like how Koki questions it?

Those emergency moments lurk in the everyday life. When Precarious Tasks flow to the Mirrored Gardens, it seems that a new horizon is emerging from the overlapping terrains of the Mirrored Gardens, which weaves together the artists’ experiences, different groups of people’s experiences, disasters and daily experiences, as well as the experiences encountered by different individuals.

This winter, from Jan 24th, we invite you to experience, read and enter the space of the Precarious Tasks, linger around the moments that are inhabited by people, moments that are open toward uncertainties while staying warm and connected.

Winter’s Regards!

“Silent journeys” group, Mirrored Gardens

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Koki Tanaka: Precarious Tasks
Jan 24 – Mar 31, 2019

05 IMG_2390 11 IMG_2442 15 IMG_2400 19 IMG_2379 03 IMG_2418Mirrored Gardens view

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