Jun Yang: Paris Syndrone

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Paris Syndrome is a psychological disorder, diagnosed on Japanese working or on vacation in Paris. It is a traumata arriving from the inability to reconcile between their dream-image and the harsh reality of Paris (Paris as a fairy-tale city, the symbol of love and romance).
A kind of negative cultural shock.Dream/Simulation/Image/Wish meets Reality/the real World.

Vitamin Creative Space
Hu Fang: Paris Syndrome transforms Vitamin space into a kind of suspending environment to explore the surface/image of the reality, and the space acts as a kind of infrastructure to refresh the function of some basic living elements like chairs, tables, tiles, wall, pedestals, domestic plants, in a positive dislocated way. I feel like I’m in a “better life” living room, and it seems a better tomorrow is inevitably coming…

Jun Yang: What I found interesting in the situation within the story of Paris Syndrome is the question about the difference between the reality and the dream that we have, so in a way I thought it’s much more beautiful annectent about something like longing for something, hoping for something and dreaming for something, that something expresses our need and wishes towards something, and if you think of this direction, Paris Syndrome happens everyday, in all of us, this is one of the thoughts we started… so even though I didn’t know what piece I am going to do,  I really want to do a piece dealing with about longing for something, it expresses the reason why we move on.

From Paris Syndrome in Guangzhou, a conversation between Jun Yang and Hu Fang