Chu Yun: The Mind of Things

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Chu Yun: The Mind of Things

I see exhibitions themselves as a whole to be felt and perceived, which indeed unfold revolving around senses and perceptions, including the arrangement of space and the establishment of the boundaries of artworks. I’ve also being thinking about the “reality” in the exhibition space —— the reality in the exhibition space is similar to the reality outside of it, which possesses its own kind of reality. There’s a tendency throughout the exhibition, that is artworks are not necessarily an objective, external thing or event, it actually could be something that is transferred into your perceptual experience from an external  object, something that happens within your feelings.

- Chu Yun

1.IMG_2598 2.IMG_2716 3.IMG_2723 4.IMG_2648 5.IMG_2655Chu Yun: The Mind of Things, exhibition view at Mirrored Gardens, Autumn 2020.


Courtesy of Vitamin Creative Space. 


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Chu Yun: The Mind of Things

Time: Autumn 2020
Venue: Mirrored Gardens ( Hualong Agriculture Grand View Garden, Panyu District, Guangzhou )

Opening Hours:
Wednesday through Sunday, 11am – 5pm,
Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays