Beijing Posthastism

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42. Sleep is Posthastist

43. Slow summer mornings (Felix Gonzalez Torres)

44. Slow dancing

45. A museum of slowness with only slow lanes (Cedric Price)

46. In galactic time, even the speed of light is slow

– Extract from The Posthastist Manifesto,

by Shumon Basar, Joseph Grima, Hans Ulrich Obrist et al.

At the end of 2011, Hans Ulrich Obrist announced that, together with the curators and writers Shumon Basar and Joseph Grima, they had founded a new movement called “Posthastism”. The movement is based on what they describe as a “sudden feeling of posthaste”: a collective impetus to go beyond haste. To de-accelerate.

Considering the fast speed and hectic rhythm of contemporary life in China, this urge will be channeled into the Beijing context. The three founders, in collaboration with The Pavilion, will start to investigate how different individuals’ daily practices response to the hectic and deteriorated survival environment within the contemporary urban context, as well as the vectors that connect the city to a global web. Creators from different fields, including artists, architects, writers, film directors, economists, curators, musicians, social researchers, Buddhism practitioners will contribute their responses on the theme of “posthastism”. This pool of opinions will be exhibited at the Pavilion on June 22nd, where the three founders will keep forming the Posthastist Manifesto through a discussion and engagement with all the creators and their contributions.

Time: June 22nd, 2012, 3pm-9pm

Beijing Posthastism is curated by The Pavilion( and supported by Goethe-Institut China, (

Due to the limited space, we will ask you to register to this event by sending an email to for your registration (we will accept the first 15 requests)Please,  leave your name and contact in the email, so that we can inform you about your registration request.

We’ve open two public accounts on both a Chinese and an English online channel, on Weibo @后匆匆主义 and tumblr During the event, both platforms will report on the event in real time, and the public will be welcomed to comment and share their ideas online, interacting with us.

The Pavilion welcomes you to the exhibition of the Beijing Posthastism from June 23rd to July 22nd, every day from 11am to 6pm (except Sundays and Holidays).