Wang Yin: Friendship


In Wang Yin’s solo exhibition titled Friendship, paintings find their own place within the exhibition space following the rules of natural light during the day. These paintings aren’t subordinate to specific themes, nor are they builders of narratives within the space. They emerge and vanish with the natural light beginning and ending a day. Light provides the fundamental condition of seeing, it is an important element of physical space as well as a reflection of inner mental space. The diffused light dilutes the concentration of meaning, and further disperse and unfold the moments in which we’re situated.

Wang Yin: Friendship
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Yuan Jai - A Heart Enflamed


Yuan Jai (1941, Chongqing, Sichuan) studied Chinese painting in Taiwan, where her family moved in 1947. She continued her education in Belgium (Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven; Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique, Brussels). Back in Taiwan, she worked in the Department of Antiquities of the National Palace Museum, where she organized – and later on, directed – the conservation department for thirty years before retiring and focusing on her art practice.
Borrowing style, patterns and materials (ink and mineral pigments on silk) from classical Chinese painting, she transfers and incorporates them in a complex and optimistic cultural narrative associating the celebration of a rich cultural legacy and the fancy of a contemporary and personal expression, filled with humour and irony.

Richard Yao-chi Chen
Courtesy of Yuan Jai Studio.