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Come take a look at books published by Art Metropole!

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A full set of artist books from Art Metropole’s Little Cockroach Press series is on view.


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Art Metropole is a Toronto book store, archive, publisher and exhibition space initiated by General Idea (AA Bronson, Jorge Zontal and Felix Partz) more than 30 years ago.
Peggy Gale says: “Without General Idea there would be no Art Metropole, that is certain.”
General Idea wrote to the Canada Council in 1971: “As for books, it’s Group of Seven or nothing. The only publishing house  concerned with contemporary Canadian art is Coach House Press, and they remain devoted largey to the publication of the underground literary scene. The backlog of completed art work in book format remaining unpublished is astounding. Either facilities have to be created within Canada or the artists will have to make their way the publishing houses of New York, Amsterdam and Germany, which already form the backbone of much of the new art being done abroad and below.”

So creating a facility is exactly what they did.

(quotes from the book Art Metropole: the Top 100, available for viewing at the shop).


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Learn about Canada

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