#05: MUSAC


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MUSAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León) is a contemporary art museum in Léon, Spain. (www.musac.es)Many art institutions approach publication in a manner so the public can easily recognize the books as unified products from the institution. MUSAC engages artists and designers to open up the creative process, resulting in books of differing form most appropriate for the ideas in them rather than a brand concept.


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In this edition of façade we can see a variety of publications from MUSAC, a number of catalogues from contemporary artists including the Iranian artist Shirin Neshat’s “The Last Word”, British artist Cerith Wyn Evans’ “… visibleinvisible”, and the architecture firm SANAA’s album “HOUSES”, as well as a good representation of their collections and group shows.


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Freshly installed Façade library for public access to important art books!


立面图书馆5 (5) Inaugurating the Façade library. Come in and check it out!