Zheng Guogu: Visionary Transformation


Zheng Guogu: Visionary Transformation

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As a response to Zheng Guogu’s study on energetics, the “Visionary Transformations” series transforms traditional thangka elements to explore how art can trigger the viewers into a state of selflessness using energy, eliminating the impurities long-accumulated in the human bodies engendered by social magnetic interferences, so that they can reunite with their true selves.

Different from traditional Tibetan Thangka, Zheng Guogu often used computers to fine-tune the colours of the “visionary transformations” of the Thangkas before creating the paintings, and subsequently to determine whether or not it enables the observer an inner harmony in compliance with cosmic laws using “body measures.” He attempts to present the process of energy exchanges that happens when the viewers see the Thangkas — This is a secret process occurring in the viewers’ inner space. It’s a 3-dimensional mode of the movements of thoughts, as well as a process of transformation. For Zheng Guogu, the consciousness of the universe has certain connections with the human soul. It can release the energy congealed within the concentrated spots through sound, light and colours.

02 MoMAPS1_040219_0009 03 MoMAPS1_040219_0062 04 MoMAPS1_040219_0016 05 MoMAPS1_040219_0066 06 MoMAPS1_040219_0043 07 MoMAPS1_040219_0022 08 MoMAPS1_040219_0035Installation view of the exhibition Zheng Guogu: Visionary Transformation at MoMA PS1, New York. March 31–June 23, 2019. 
Image courtesy of MoMA PS1.
Photo by Matthew Septimus.