Sou Fujimoto (藤本壮介)




Sou Fujimoto, Concept Study-Architecture Like a Forest # 1, 2013
One out of the 3 pieces of study model, Styrene foam, plastic, foam board, 12 X 12 X H 12cm


Sou Fujimoto, Concept Study-Architecture Like a Forest # 3, 2013
One out of the 3 pieces of study model, foam board, plastic, 13 X 13 X H 9cm


Sou Fujimoto, Energy Forest, 2013
Foam sheet, plastic, preserved flower, 20 X 20 X H 30cm
Study model for the exhibition ENERGY, Oil and post-oil architecture and grids at MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts in ROME, Italy

Architecture as Forest

I believe the Architecture of the future lay within some being akin to a Forest. Within a forest, from leaves and insects and the seeds it carries, to the grand scale of the tree trunks, myriad of truly diverse matters interrelate and coexist. It is this diversity that I am strongly attracted to. Richness born from space between order and chaos. Thus if Architecture akin to a Forest can be created, it will be a place of complexity, rich in diversity far beyond preexisting architecture and cities of today. And its inhabitants will organically be a part of this diversity. The projects exhibited here are attempts to create. New notions of nature and man-made environments—Three-dimensional forest, Geometric forest, Urban forest, and so on. Some projects have been realized, some solely conceptual, and some are currently in development, ranging from small/micro architecture to colossal buildings and urban facilities several-hundred meters tall. Architecture as Forest, presented here is the future of Nature and the future of Architecture. The forest as the origin shines a light to the future of Architecture.

——Sou Fujimoto, Forward for Sou Fujimoto: Futurospektive Architektur at Kunsthalle Bielefeld, 2012


Sou Fujimoto: Architecture as Forest, exhibition view at Maison de l’Architecture, Geneva,2013

P1030800P1030791P1030813 Model of House NA at the exhibition of Sou Fujimoto: Architecture as Forest.


House NA, Tokyo, 2011


Model of Tokyo Apartment at the exhibition of Sou Fujimoto: Architecture as Forest.


Tokyo Apartment, Tokyo, 2009 (Image resource: mooponto onling magazine, please find more on:

‘It is a really fundamental question how architecture is different from nature, or how architecture could be part of nature, or how they could be merged… what are the boundaries between nature and artificial things’ – Sou Fujimoto


Nigth scene at Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London, 1 Jun 2013 to 20 Oct 2013

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Sou Fujimoto, Concept Study – Nature / Architecture, 2013


Resource: Sou Fujimoto Architects and Vitamin Archive (Unless individually indicated)