Selected works and artist’s statements

Selected works and artist’s statements

The Curve which can Cough
2001, Black & White, 8’16″

I was enlightened by the way a chameleon moves. Of course, it has nothing to do with chameleons. I think it looks like certain state of man in certain time.

The Curve which can Cough,2001,03 The Curve which can Cough,2001,05

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Before the Appearance of the First Steam Engine
2003, Black & White, 28’56″

The two Incidents of the film happened simultaneously. I juxtaposed the two “in an attempt to discover” certain psychological connection between these two unrelated events.

Before the Appearance of the First Steam Engine  2003,35’27”-2 Before the Appearance of the First Steam Engine , 2003,35’27”-3

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Murdered Trotsky in Summer, Gentlemen in Financial Circles Got More Depressed
2003, Black & White, 19’18″

In Murdered Trotsky in Summer, Gentlemen in Financial Circles Got More Depressed, scenes of a modern-day corporate environment are cut with the enactment of a murder. Not

following the actual circumstance of Trotsky’s death, the scenes played out by the costumed young men are something more like a sketchily-remembered idea. While the bulk of the

action is in black and white, a colour sequence folows in a more obviously contemporary setting; the young men walk through the streets raging and shouting. Little is resolved, and the

viewer is left with the sense that they are as perplexed by the slipperiness of collective memory as they are by the murder.

001 05

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The History of Chemistry I
2004, Black & White, 26’33″

Modern chemistry is derived from ancient Western alchemy. Pacific Asia today is like a big alchemist’s workshop;in other words, China is just a huge workshop. That’s probably why I selected this title for my film.

History of Chemistry1-06 History of Chemistry1-07

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The History of Chemistry II
2006, Color, 95′

“A descendant of John Dee lives somewhere in UK. He has a very “special” ability that he must inherited from his ancestor. He knows something about the “future”. He is the only one

who knows about the “future”, maybe the future of UK. he has a crucial “contract”…

I know nothing about China’s future, so I think that maybe there will be a “contract”…

1. Chemistry is an art of changing the objects, or to say, a disciplin concerning the natural changes of matters. Driven by the metaphor of change, people combined philosophy and simple

chemistry, thus created alchemy. People constantly transform the world for their own gain. They use alkali and grease to make soap; stir and solidify concreate; learn to control the

fermentation; smelt cooper and tin from ore then make bronze and alloy; etc. Experience and knowledge hence became routine practice, and later industry and science.

2.We are able to acquire pure compounds, which are “building blocks” of chemistry. With a formular at hand, one can make aspirin- no matter he’s in New york, Iceland, or Russia.

Chemistry is sometimes too easy.

3.If the “bright prospect” of the Orient has disappeared politically, then the utopia-sickened West’s only and final ambition would be seeking happiness through market economy. In the

pan-Pacific part of Asia, profound technology and industrial revolution was on the way, striving to face down the affluent and stagnent West, to shake it’s very foundation.

4.Matters were transformed. Alchemy was transformed.

Note. 1、2、4 quoted from Roald Hoffmann&Vivian Torrence Chemistry Imagined: Reflections on Science, 3- quoted from R.Scheps, Introduction of L’Empire des techniques.

01 21

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The square Loaded with nuclear power is going to America
2007, Color, 3’51″

Square is a very “absolute” geometric shape that barely existes in the natural world. If installed with nuclear power, it might be “driven” straight to America.


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The first man who bought a juicer bought it not for drinking juice
2008, Color, 27’16″

I have been thinking about what it was Lenin’s spiritual situation like when he was exiled to Siberia.

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