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Pak Sheung Chuen (白双全)


Born in 1977 in Fujian, Pak Sheung Chuen immigrated to Hong Kong in 1984 and graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002.He lives and works in Hong Kong.

Exhibitions & Projects

M+ Community Pilot Project—L Community
12 Nov 2021 Ongoing
M+ museum, Hong Kong

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Pak Sheung Chuen: That Light
17 Dec 2016 – 26 Feb 2017
Mirrored Gardens, Guangzhou

On the Brink of Borrowed Time: To Stay / To Flee
30 October - 6 December 2020
Hong Kong Arts Centre


fPakBreathing02Breathing in a House, An apartment (6.7M x 2.7M x 2.2M) in Busan, Korea1-10.09.2006 (10 days),Video documentation: 6m22s

Pak Sheung Chuen: Reading Everyday Life