Zheng Guogu: Commemorative Plaque 2008: Lehman Brothers Gate, Vitamin at Art Basel | Miami Beach 2008


2008 Art Basel Miami Invitation



Slippage Gate  (Who is picking up the tab for the USA )
Lehman Gate (Who is to be rescued with 8500 hundred million US dollars)
“A Violent cure”
Is the commemorative plaque
In the movement of an accelerated history

Sorry, the medicine’s efficacy is difficult to anticipate
We are no longer brothers
If trust is betrayed

Those moments of embrace ( Whether the US dollar is collapsing)
Moments of weeping  (The “tsunami” engulfs the world)
Moments of indignation (Buffett begins to give us lessons again)
Moments of helplessness  (Obama, McCain, who would be a better  candidate to rise to authority)

A chance meeting of a century
These are the superficial epidermis of history
They are embedded in
The walls of history’s maze ( The global financial domain must be redrawn)
The slippage of Lehman Gate
The maze extends towards the future once again