Cao Fei / China Tracy: RMB City, Vitamin at Art Basel | Miami Beach 2007


2007 Invitation_RMB City_Art Basel Miami



Cao Fei has transformed her experiences as avatar China Tracy in the hugely popular three-dimensional online virtual world Second Life into i.Mirror, which is a beautiful, three-part machinima. In creating RMB City (RMB means Chinese People Currency and is the name of Chinese currency used abroad) , the project is again taking place within Second Life and the new city is a rough hybrid of communism, socialism and capitalism.
Cao Fei ‘s RMB City creates a virtual social structure to develop an ideal society within the parameters of the online reality Second Life. It is a two year and open ended project. Cao Fei will open to different kinds intellectual participants to enrich the programs and events of the city. Through this strategy the artist creates a new model for social communications, and stimulate unique human experiences within the framework of RMB City.